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It’s been a while since my last post (stating the obvious), but September through December is a really busy time for me and I don’t get a lot of opportunity to play.

This is a scrapbook page I did a wee while ago – preserving memories. Often I don’t get time to scrap at the same time the photo is taken, so I just make relevant notes and put the photo away until I have time. I always have a good supply for my scrapbooking!


angelic c

Here you can see I used ribbons – the yellow one down the side and the red one threaded through slots I punched into the white card.
Lettering used: thickers ‘poolside’.

angelic b

The red striped ribbon I placed across the corner of the photo and the “Original” stamp is from Rubbadubbadoo. I stamped the image onto card, embossed it, cut it out, shaded the edges and glued it on here.

angelic a

Fabric flowers with buttons, and sticky embellishments by
Mod Design.


Tribute to my Dad

To get photos of my Dad, you had to catch him when he wasn’t looking.  Otherwise, he would hide as he has done in one of these photos – behind a hat. But I took the photo anyway!



Even though the number of photos I have is few, I have lots of memories. Dad farmed for all of his life; he loved rugby and his family.

Another keepsake I have is this letter he wrote to me, in red pen on a torn out piece of paper from an exercise book, over 40 years ago. The only letter he ever wrote. Ever. I felt very special.






This photo of our daughter Tania is over 30 years old now. When I compare it to photos of her daughter Elliotte, taken at a similar age, they are so alike! If it wasn’t for one having auburn hair and the other blonde, they could almost pass for the same little girl. Check out my previous post, “Bookworm”, and compare mother and daughter.

I made the dress Tania is wearing, and the photo was taken by a professional. She was about two years old at the time. This photo is so precious. I’m happy I’ve finally created a page to display it and it’s now protected in an album.



There never seems to be enough time to do all the activities I’d like to do – hence some things get put aside. One of those activities to be relegated to the ‘one day’ list, over the past few years, has been scrapbooking. Consequently I have a number of pages that are crying out to be created and these two are the start of my foray back into this much-loved activity.

I love that scrapbooking is permanent, that it’s about preserving memories and that if I want to, I get to share my thoughts and stories about the photos.

These two photos were taken at Christmas a few years ago – Elliotte is now six! She was then – and still is – a bookworm. When she came across a bunch of books in the top of her Christmas stocking sack, she was happy to sit and flick through the pages rather than explore further and see what other goodies might be in there.

One of the gifts we gave her was a little pushchair. She loved it. Her dollies were firmly squished in there and she was off – as fast as she could possibly walk – in and out of the house at full speed. If I was going to take a photo, it would definitely need to be an action shot.

After a few attempts, and results that were less than satisfactory, I asked her to “please stop” so I could take a photo.

In true Elliotte style, she paused, tilted her head, smiled, then was off again. All in the space of about two seconds. Fortunately I’d managed to capture the moment in time.

Bookworm a