Donut Cake for Elliotte

Doughnut Cake

Elliotte turned eight in July. (So these photos and this post is rather late!) Her mother, Tania, and I combined efforts to produce this cake. With recently transitioning to living on the road, I didn’t have the same kitchen facilities or time to do it all myself. So we went for a simple cake this year.

Doughnut CakeThe donuts (doughnuts) were purchased.  ?For the cake, Tania baked two round cakes and we sandwiched them on top of each other. The icing was intended to emulate the pink icing on the top of a donut.

Doughnut Cake PartyThe end result. Elliotte was thrilled with her cake and party. She had about fourteen children at her party and all enjoyed themselves immensely. There were high volumes of laughter and shouting . . . you can imagine the noise. And children never walk from one room to the next—they run! Fortunately, it’s a large house.


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