My Favourite Things

This double spread is a favourite of mine. It was produced during a SENZ class with Kerrin Quall, who never fails to inspire and amaze me.

my favourite things

The little cardstock stickers along the bottom were from Imagination Project. Some of the headings were already written on, but some I wrote myself. The black scallops are felt and I used embroidery
cotton to hand stitch around them. There is a black background
paper with white circles peeping through the cracks between the photos.

my favourite things c


my favourite things b

Those pink blobs on the felt heart (above) and above the black ric rac (below) are french knots using embroidery thread. People who didn’t want to bother making french knots across the bottom of the page made pen marks (dots) instead. Much easier! But I’m happy I chose the hard way as I prefer the 3-D finished effect. 🙂

The white spots were made with my favourite white gel pen. Added a bit of bling and voila! Finished!

my favourite things a

You can probably guess by the “I Love …” section, I did this page in the winter. I do like to be warm. And I can’t imagine how I missed “coffee” off that page! (It does say “Cafés” – perhaps that covers it.)

Here is a link to some of Kerrin Quall’s scrapbooking – just beautiful.

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