Little Fox

054I found this cute knitting pattern here on Etsy. I couldn’t find the same wool in NZ, so had to improvise. This meant different-sized needles, and different tension. It was a wee challenge adapting the pattern, but I’m really happy with the way it turned out in the end. Elliotte seems to like it, which is the main thing!

Every Time I Remember

There are some people – every time I think of them I am grateful to God that they’re in my life. They’re true blessings, in many different ways. As I was doing this page, I tried to remember who they all were. And I know, without a doubt, there are more names left off the page than those that came to mind at the time.



It is Written

As we walk through life, there are many battles to face. Our struggle is not against flesh and blood (Eph 6:12) and the best weapon we have is the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God (Eph 6:17). When Jesus was challenged, he used this weapon: “It is written…” Matthew 4: 1-11.


Nothing But His Blood

This is another Take Me Deeper page. The gift symbolises that salvation and all that Christ accomplished at the cross is a free gift – for all who want it. There’s a price to pay for eternal life, and only Christ’s blood was enough to pay that price. For all of us.



I enjoyed creating this page, and decided to share the process and the meaning behind what I’ve done here. It was created for His Kingdom Come – Take Me Deeper, a great art group I joined at the beginning of this year.

With the background I used a bunch of different things: I started with a stencil (The Crafters Workshop – Blazonry) that reminded me of fish (follow me and I will make you fishers of men), but I used brown to signify a path/paving. Then a blue spray, (signifying water), then another stencil (Crafters Workship Chicken Wire Reversed) using white paint. I used a Hero Arts background stamp (‘Italian Poetry’), and another stamp (Hero Art ‘Floating Circles’) for the white ‘bubbles’. Some of the brown circles are part of a favourite Stampotique stamp and some are the end of an old cotton reel :).

I punched the feet out of light card and inked the edges, glued them on and shaded the tops with smudged graphite pencil.

When I did this page, I was thinking about how, in the Bible, we are called to “follow” so often. Through the storms of life, tangles, words thrown at us, and messy challenges – still called to just walk/follow – upwards following Jesus. Even though at times it feels like we are struggling for breath, God provides all we need (hence ‘bubbles of oxygen’), but we need to CHOOSE to continue to follow through it all.


Love One Another

This is one of those pages that when I finished it, I didn’t really like it. Not sure why. I didn’t have a plan in mind when I started, so just lurched from one thing to another.  I downloaded a picture of hands with the globe of the world over them off the internet and used it as my background.  Perhaps isolating them from the arms was my mistake.

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