McCoy’s Train Cake

Our grandson, Mac (McCoy), turned four this month. He requested a train cake—like the one on the cover of the NZ Women’s Weekly Birthday Cake Book.

Kids Train CakeWe arrived a few days earlier at our daughter’s house so that I could use her kitchen. Since moving into a fifth-wheeler back in June, my kitchen space has shrunk somewhat! I’ve stored all my cake-making bits and pieces at Tania’s, as this is where my cakes are generally required.

Kids Train CakeI baked two chocolate cakes (almost mud cakes really—they were quite dense) and used a purchased Swiss roll cake for the barrel of the engine. I “glued” cake shapes together with chocolate ganache (very yummy!) and then coloured buttercream icing over the outside. Lollies, licorice and popcorn were used for decoration and a red pipe cleaner held the popcorn smoke puffs coming out of the smoke stack. Oreo biscuits created the wheels. I used quite a lot of M&Ms (those are the little, round, coloured lollies).

Kids Train CakeMac’s father, Nathan, created the road theme on the table including the train track (large ice block sticks) and streets (black tape). Mac and Elliotte added the cars and signage.

Needless to say, Mac loved his train, and we enjoyed eating it!

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