Tribute to my Dad

To get photos of my Dad, you had to catch him when he wasn’t looking.  Otherwise, he would hide as he has done in one of these photos – behind a hat. But I took the photo anyway!



Even though the number of photos I have is few, I have lots of memories. Dad farmed for all of his life; he loved rugby and his family.

Another keepsake I have is this letter he wrote to me, in red pen on a torn out piece of paper from an exercise book, over 40 years ago. The only letter he ever wrote. Ever. I felt very special.





2 thoughts on “Tribute to my Dad”

  1. Oh, this made tears come to my eyes. I have many fond memories of him. I think I’ve got a photo of him, in Te Anau, where he was smiling or laughing… Rare. Grandma said once that it was a rare thing. 😉 xxxxx

    1. A rare thing to catch a photo of him laughing? Yes, it was! I do recall him laughing often though, especially when he got one up on you. He had a great sense of humour. He used to love the cheeky cards I send him as a kid – cards likening him to an aging vehicle. He finished off the letter to me (mentioned in my post and in the picture), “Well, my clutch has slipped, so cheerio …” 🙂

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